Info note sent to the English speaking exJW activism community

Info note sent to the English speaking exJW activism community

No more AbusosTJ? Sad news, no indeed… Totally the opposite.

Reasons to close the current discussion board are many, but can be summarise by two points:

1. Since November no substantial result in the crowdfunding we propose to make board running and many other actions. As the economical viability was not cleared I decided as the Admin of the board to give sufficient time and close it at Feb 14

2. Legal concerns.. A board owner is legally responding to all the possible judicial concerns. I paid an high price to get some legal help. Crowdfunding not following, I have no other way than to close it.

Sadly, after giving that news, people was not supportive at all and I discover that I was labelled as a “dictator” because I left exJW Spanish without a discussion board… Sad to see that the previous owner of was attacked today in the same way and she confirmed it on her Facebook.

AbusosTJ was never meant to be a discussion forum. It was, is and will be a project to help victims and give visibility on the sexual abuse within JW. Who wants a free forum for chit chat talks might do their own. Facebook, Twitter are excellent platforms as well for discussion.

It was as well unfortunate to be attacked by some exJW in Spain through mass mailing after forum closure for another reason, being gay !! Yes sir… Being gay, you as a victim, you are not a safe travelmate…

Two gay magazines in Spain featured my story months ago. Maybe the exJW involved in this attack still needs to face a fact. LGTBI rights are present and gays are safe people not pederasts…

Due to the attacks I decided to close definitively the forum before the expected day of Feb 14. There was no reason to face these attacks anymore.

Some people clearly thought to be exJW activists because they were writing on a board. It goes much further than this… Better to be less activists in numbers but focusing on doing things…

AbusosTJ has not disappeared, we have transformed it in a blog where we post and discuss sexual abuse activism, actions, etc…

Next actions:

– Some Spain Congresswomen received us weeks ago. We are making some nice conversations and proposals to them. These are in study.

– Two main TV programs will be on air in 5-6 weeks and discuss sexual abuse within JW.

– Different meetings with local and regional politicians to give visibility to our claims.

– We are going to do a seminar end September in an important Spanish University to give more viability.

– As usual we focus as well in making this situation to be known within the general audience through newspapers.

Maybe we are going to miss many forum members for a while but time is precious. Let’s face it. Better facts and actions than talks

AbusosTJ is still alive ! Gracias GeoBAR !


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